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Mon Laferte

Listening & Speaking

Norma Monserrat Bustamante Laferte (born 2 May 1983), known professionally as Mon Laferte, is a Chilean singer, songwriter and actress who is currently the most listened Chilean artist on Spotify worldwide. She is also the Chilean artist with the most nominations in a single edition of the Latin Grammy Awards (5 in 2017). To date she has sold in Latin America 1,500,000 digital copies between albums and singles, making her the Chilean singer with the most sales in the digital era. Some of her most outstanding successes are “Tormento,” “Amor completo,” “Si tú me quisieras,” “Tu falta de querer,” “Amárrame” and “Mi buen amor.” She received a Latin Grammy in 2017 for Best Alternative Song for “Amárrame.”

Career: In 2003, Laferte, then known as Monserrat Bustamante, entered in the Chilean reality competition series Rojo. The same year she released her first studio album, La Chica de Rojo. The album had great success in Chile, receiving Gold and Platinum certifications. She became part of the Clan Rojo and was on the television series for four seasons. In 2007, Laferte decided to start a new chapter in her musical career by moving to Mexico City from Chile, where she began singing in nightclubs and recording cover songs. In 2009, she released a single titled “Lo mismo que yo,” which was to be the lead single from an upcoming album. The same year, Laferte was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, effectively putting a halt to her album. Around the time of her battle with cancer, she abandoned her original stage name and introduced the world to Mon Laferte, expressing that the name represented a new beginning for her. In 2013, she released her third album, Tornasol. She received media attention in 2015 with her single “Tu falta de querer” from the album Mon Laferte, Vol.1.

In 2016, she won a MTV Millennial Award for the “Latin Video of the Year” and receiving two nominations on the Latin Grammy Awards of 2016 for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album.

Laferte released her fifth album La Trenza, her most acclaimed album to date, in 2017. Her single with Colombian rock star Juanes, “Amárrame,” won the Best Alternative Song award at the 18th Latin GRAMMYs, in which she was also nominated for Best Alternative Music Album, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year. She also wins the category “Best North Latin Artist” in the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Listening & Speaking Activities

Video con instrucciones


1. Speaking part – Questions: Answer the questions by filling the blanks and then record yourself saying the questions and the answer (send the audio to the teacher).

1. ¿Quién es Mon Laferte? Mon Laferte es una cantante (singer) chilena 2. ¿De dónde es Mon Laferte? Mon Laferte es de __________
3. ¿Dónde vive Mon Laferte? Mon Laferte vive en __________
4. ¿Qué enfermedad tuvo Mon? Mon estuvo enferma de ________

5. ¿Qué premios (Awards) ha ganado Mon? Mon ha ganado los premios_____________________________

6. ¿Qué premio ganó Mon junto al cantante colombiano Juanes? Mon y Juanes ganaron el premio __________________________

7. ¿Cuáles son sus canciones más exitosas o famosas? Sus canciones más exitosas son ______________________________

8. ¿Por qué se cambió el nombre? Mon se cambió el nombre porque___________________________

2. Listening part – song: Check the word document Mrs. Navarrete sent to you and complete it by filling the blanks and recording the responses.

Song Amárrame (feat. Juanes) By Mon Laferte

Ay, quiéreme de apoco

Pero que no me dé cuenta y que nadie sepa

Ven y cuídame

Pero que parezca que me estás haciendo daño


Ay, finge que no te gustó

Dame una mirada y luego vuélvete lejana

Y sin querer, ________y déjame

Llámame pero no me hables, ______ y ahógame


Cúrame, y enférmame de poco a poco a poco

___________, y transfórmame en un loco poco a poco


Ay, quiero ver tu perversión

Hasta donde llegas, hasta dónde me has llevado

Ignórame, ven y pierde la razón

Quiero que me ruegues y me mires a los ojos

Dame la espalda, desenfócame

Tómame del pelo y _______ mi nombre

Y _______ pero sin querer

Deja que te lleve que mañana acaba todo


Cúrame, y enférmame de poco a poco a poco

_______, y transfórmame en un loco poco a poco


Cúrame, y enférmame de poco a poco a poco

________, y transfórmame en un loco poco a poco


3. Speaking part – choosing a song: Choose one of Mon Laferte’s song and then send to Mrs. Navarrete an audio (no longer than 20 seconds) with the song playing and say that you like that song (in Spanish) For example: me gusta ____ (name of the song).

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